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Stainless Steel Production Process

Stainless Steel Production Process
Stainless steel is the most recycled material in the world and it is estimated that 82% of the stainless steel in use today will be recycled into new steel.

  • 1.Numerical control
    1.Numerical control

    We have advanced production equipment, high-precision CNC machining with a stable processing quality.

  • 2.Drilling process
    2.Drilling process

    We have professional production lines, the worker in the picture is doing the drilling work.

  • 3.Punching process
    3.Punching process

    The punching process has the characteristics of automation, labor saving, high efficiency.

  • 4.Anodic oxidation
    4.Anodic oxidation

    This is the oxidation line, our products are through the multi-layer strict oxidation process, the oxide layer thickness of 12 μ, never rust, never fade.

  • 5. Assembly process
    5. Assembly process

    We have a strict quality control process, during the installation process, we check each part and make the greatest efforts to reduce the the defect rate.

  • 6.Scientific and rational warehouse management
    6.Scientific and rational warehouse management

    We have scientific management of warehouses and production lines, improve the efficiency of daily material out of warehouses.