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Brass Production Process

Brass Production Process
Raw materials:brass——Very good plasticity, high strength and good cutting performance, easy to weld.
Metalworking:It has many complex sectors, and is based on the whole production process. 
Polishing: We have advanced polishing equipment, strict multiple polishing procedures, responsible technical staff .
Plating:We have professional plating process,the surface of the product can be made into shining effect which looks morden and high quality.
Assembling: Careful assembly staff, perfect QC testing procedures.
  • 1.Numerical control
    1.Numerical control

    We have advanced production equipment, high-precision CNC machining with a stable processing quality.

  • 2. Casting production process:
    2. Casting production process:

    We have professional sand casting lines, high production efficiency, short production cycle.

  • 3.Minted sand core inspection:
    3.Minted sand core inspection:

    Every step of our products undergo a rigorous inspection process, can effectively reduce the rate of defects.

  • 4.Drilling machine processing:
    4.Drilling machine processing:

    We have professional production lines, the worker in the picture is doing the drilling work.