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Pot Lid Rack

Every day when we cooking , we will use the pot to cook delicious dishes, then the container of the lid has become our problem, if you put it on the cooking benches, it will occupy a lot of space, not clean, Therefore, we need a pot rack to accommodate it. Pot lid storage rack includes hanging bracket, two retractable hooks, the two retractable hooks are located above the hanging bracket and connected with the left and right ends hanging bracket activities on two retractable hooks are equipped with fixing holes; an intermediate position in the hanging bracket It has a longitudinal fences, the fences slightly protruding outwardly. At the bottom of the bracket also suspended the activities connected with the water receiving box. The cooking pot lid can be hung on the rack closer to the wall, do not take the kitchen area, you can easily put the lid on the pot rack when cooking. The lid is floating type, convenient and hygienic; lid then the water flows into the water box, reduce oil water pollution, improving the kitchen environment. The lid frame is easy to install, it has low-cost advantages, is a very practical family kitchen appliances.

Our company is one of the biggest manufacturers of the pot lid storages organizer in china. We have a lot of technologies in manufacturing, such as anodic oxidation, cashmere polishing, automatic seamless welding technology and so on. If you want to have the much cheaper pot lid storage rack you can choose us as your convenience.

In short, there's a convenient for us to have a wall pot lid organizers and increase people's way of life and reduce the cost of people's lives, improve people's living standards. So choosing us , choosing the success!