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Microwave Rack

Kitchen Microwave rack, the rack is used to place a microwave oven means, in addition to placing the microwave oven, other small appliances can also be put on it such as toaster, juicer, and so on. Mini microwave shelf which is stylish, simple, beautiful, generous, without tools , free entry , saving space. It can be used to put a microwave, oven, electronic pan, toaster, blender, and other small appliances or thermos, magazine recipes, dishes and so on. The underlying slide design, makes it appliances easier to use, just gently pull, it will be pulled out when using the bottom,. The main structure of the microwave rack was a metal bracket, stable and won’t shake, it has a light weight, good strength, even as a female ,it is also easy to be used ; I can be assembled easily in minutes; when not using it ,you just need to use a few minutes, then it will be complete removed.It takes small storage space but create big magic, the texture was good, and it makes storage more convenient.

In addition to be a microwave rack in the kitchen ,it can also be installed in a home, people can use it to storage anything, such as magazines, laptop, indoor flowers, small personal items, etc.