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Kitchen Faucet

With the development of the times, the modern kitchen faucet began obedient people's habits, to design a user-friendly, versatile faucet. Such as the outlet can be rotated 360 ° faucet spout can be pull-out faucet and so on. Technology combined with user-friendly design and make our kitchen taps have taken the fashion sense, and increased convenience, make our daily lives more efficient, made us have to experience a sense of extraordinary. Kitchen faucet material is generally brass, which is the most common market leading copper. All copper faucet in the outermost layer has electroplating, plating effect is to prevent internal corrosion and rusting brass. High-quality 304 stainless steel than copper has no lead, acid, alkali, against corrosion, does not release harmful substances, does not pollute the water source characteristics, and stainless steel faucet does not require plating, very easy to rust, hardness, toughness more than twice higher than copper, so it is very easy to clean. However, due to the higher difficulty of processing of stainless steel, so the current price of high-quality stainless steel faucet normally are relatively high.

Our company is one of the biggest manufacturers of kitchen mixer tap in china. We have a lot of technologies in manufacturing, such as anodic oxidation , Cashmere polishing , Automatic seamless welding technology and so on. If you want to have the much cheaper kitchen sink faucets, you can choose us as your convenience.