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Bathtub Faucet

Faucet in family life is essential, we can’t live without water and faucets. Time goes, people concerned more about the quality of life. In order to meet people's needs, designers have designed many different styles of faucets. When choosing bathroom tub faucet, people need to choose a suitable home decoration style.

According bathtub mixer installation methods, mainly divided into three categories: in-wall, vertical and floor-standing.
1,Into the wall bathtub faucet: refers to the faucet mounted on the wall. This is the most widely used models, the advantage is affordable, product variety, wide range of applications. Usually, if people do not have special requirements, into the wall faucet is the most convenient, cost-effective choice.

2,Vertical bathtub faucet: Some people will confuse floor-standing bathtub faucet and bathtub faucet. But in fact the two are different, But in fact those two are different, vertical bathtub mixer generally refers to those faucets which are mounted directly on the cylinder bathtub. This faucet is generally mounted together with a bathtub.

3, Floor standing bathtub faucet: It is generally used with freestanding bathtub. The advantage is the faucet can be moved, also convenient. The disadvantage is generally more expensive.
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