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Basin Faucet

The basin in our daily lives are often used, it is an indispensable part of the bathroom. We need to use basin and the basin faucet every morning and evening to wash up. Based on the location of installation and drilling of faucet ,it can be divided into: into the wall and vertical; single-hole and two-hole; Cooling only and hot and cold dual-use. At present, a vertical hot and cold dual-use faucet is used most in home decoration. Cooling only products are suitable for those public places where do not have hot water installation. There is a great relationship between the choice of wash basin faucet and the basin. The current market washbasin main stage, Taichung, the audience in several ways, depending on the opening, is also divided into single, double and three holes. Before purchasing a faucet, you must determine which faucet can be installed on top of your basin.

According to the difference between the outlet of the water, the basin spout can be divided into vertical, inclined water, rotating water ,can pull type water outlet, wide mouth water outlet etc. The material of our lavatory faucet is all-copper. Nowadays the whole technology of copper faucet has been very mature, occupied most of the market share. A real all-copper basin faucet, its handles, decorative nut, the switching valve, wall cover, and coupling nut, spout shell and so on ,every part of the bathroom sink faucet is made of brass, after plating, it is not only beautiful and thick, but also durable. At the time of purchase people must concerned more about the details and ask whether it is truly all-copper faucet, or just the whole body is made of copper. In most cases, we can distinguish whether it is entire copper faucet by weight and sound. All copper faucet is generally heavier, and when it is struck , the voice was dull and deep.