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5183G Bedroom Robe Hook Rack

  • 5183G Bedroom Robe Hook Rack

Bedroom row hook in people\'s lives, although minor, but if you install a hook which is good-looking and easy to use at home, will be impressive.

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Bedroom row hook in people's lives, although minor, but if you install a hook which is good-looking and easy to use at home, will be impressive. Changing with the times, there have been a variety of bedroom hooks, the material is more rich, pure plastic, plastic with wire hook, aluminum, stainless steel and so on. When choosing a bedroom robe hook rack, people need to according to their decoration style and practical needs. A suitable hook should look beautiful and the material should be with a strong loading capacity, after hanging clothes and bags for a long-term will not be damaged. This Cobbe bedroom row hook is made of 6063 aluminium, which is light but with strong loading capacity. It looks like a crown, every hook of it is movable it can be moved, according to people’s using need. We use ABS gasket to reduce the noise of the mental friction. The surface of this bedroom hook is gold, looks more noble. Every detail of this 5183G bedroom robe hook rack is perfect. Since our company is one of the largest China bedroom hooks manufacturer, we can provide you good service and high quality product. If you need dedroom door hooks, please contact us.

2. Specification

Strong loading capacity: The material of this bedroom robe hook rack is aluminium which is widely used in the aerospace manufacturing, it is strong, so you do not need to worry about the loading capacity.
Cost: Compared to brass and stainless steel products, this Cobbe aluminium bedroom hook is
Quality: We focus on build the first brand of space
aluminium every part of production process is after strictly control.
Super Temperature: it can withstand 500 degree heat baked, security worry.
Never rust: surface after anodizing, with strong corrosion resistance.
Never fade: product treated, will not fade for a long time, the color is still bright.
Perfect service: we have a pre-sale and after-sales service system, do our best to give customers the best shopping experience.

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