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What can you do when the bathtub faucet is damaged?

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When Bathtub faucet has problem, applying these strokes, all the problem will be solved.
Bathtub faucet broken, is generally thought that the faucet spool out of the question.
Because the faucet spool is like the heart of the tap, adjust the size of the water and water switch.
Faucet spool broken, it will cause water leakage and other phenomena.
Faucet spool is broken, you need to replace the new spool, how to replace the faucet spool?

How to buy a new faucet spool?
The new valve must be replaced with you bathtub faucet
First, make sure you have a single or double tap,
Faucet is only a cool water tap or faucet is a warm and cool water.
Also want to know how big your faucet spool, spool size refers to the size of the flow of water, small spool on the general market is not good to buy, so it is generally best to remove the old to find the seller.

How to remove the old faucet spool?
Method one: first turn off the water valve, then the marker, a 8 mm red blue faucet handle on the buckle down, with a slotted screwdriver clockwise loosen screw, with handle, use wrenches apart faucet spool, with the spanner on the part cover open, take out the ceramic valve core inside.

Method two: first off the total water valve, you can use a screwdriver inserted into the faucet handle, pry up and down, to pry the side, it is necessary to slowly, even and stable force, so you can take off the spool

Method three: first turn off the water valve, the right handle blue lid off, with a screw loose inside cross screwdriver, with handle, with the spool, and use the wrench to unscrew the valve.

How to change the new faucet spool?
Remove the spool, you will see the bottom of the spool has a circle of blue rubber. Generally used to be the bottom of the left spool is a red rubber, and the right side of the spool is a blue rubber

So for the right side of the spool, or use a blue rubber valve, the valve is installed, the handle is inserted to adjust the hand wheel direction, handle to both sides to shut off the water, people in the direction is the boiling water.
Install the screws and cover the blue cover on the right, so that the new valve is replaced.