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We Get the Title of High-Tech SMEs In Zhejiang Province

Time:2018.03.29 Click:316

December 2014, the list of 2014 technology-based SMEs in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Agency promulgated announced. As an excellent representative of the bathroom industry, Cabernet Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded "High-tech SMEs in Zhejiang Province,".

SME: refers to have a certain scientific and technical personnel, master intellectual property rights, know-how or advanced level, mainly engaged in high-tech products of scientific research, development, production, marketing and providing technical services as the main content, market-oriented , the implementation of independent accounting, autonomous, self-financing economic entities.

SMEs in Zhejiang Science and Technology  is not only an honor but also a responsibility; not only for our SME management capability and overall technical level of affirmation and recognition, but also for us an incentive, enhancing independent innovation capability of enterprise and playing a positive role in building their own brands. We will continue to focus on the principles of market-oriented technology research and development, spare no efforts to increasing research investment, personnel training team to build a new technological innovation system, to further improve the capability of independent innovation, enhance the company's core competitiveness and brand image, improve service levels, fully play the advantages of science and technology and exemplary role of SMEs, to help customers improve quality and create lasting product competitiveness, and to promote sound and rapid development to create new and better conditions.