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Proper Ways Of Cleaning and Washing Kitchen Wares

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Now more and more families choose to pay attention to the kitchen cleaning and care, but because of the heavy work,many people do not insist on cleaning and maintenance of kitchen supplies. We need to know that if the kitchen is not cleaned for a long time, it will seriously affect the gloss kitchen wares and home improvement aesthetics.

When we choose kitchen wares and other products, We not only need to consider whether these products conform to the family decoration style,but also need to consider if these kitchen wares are durable and easy cleaned.Kitchen wares is mainly made of stainless steel and aluminum.These two materials are very suitable for use in the kitchen, and the multi-layer surface finish make it every durable.But if we do not carry out its daily cleaning and maintenance, these kitchen wares will lose their luster and look very dirty. But if we use proper way to clean them, we can always have new Kitchen wares!Cobbe, founded in 2008, as one of the largest China kitchen wares manufacturer, We always committed to providing exquisite life to our customers. But how to make our kitchen look more clean and refined?
Here we will mainly introduce Proper ways of cleaning and washing kitchen wares.

How to clean the sink?
The sink is generally made of stainless steel, it will not rust, but since it is used to clean vegetables and cutlery, it is very easy to accumulate it is every necessary for us to develop habit of cleaning the sink, after we have meal.
When cleaning the inside of the stainless steel sink,You can clean it directly use a clean soft cloth or Soft small brush stained with Decontamination powder. Remember!do not use rough tools to clean up the kitchen accessories.

How to clean the faucet?
Since the Faucet is usually finished in Chromed Finishing,so we need to use a relatively soft tool when clean up.
1.Dip some wipes with a rag to clean the faucet's general dirt,then rinse with water and wipe clean.

2.Some part which is difficult to clean,such as the inside and the base of the faucet ,We can scrub these part using a old toothbrush Dipped with some toothpaste.

Other kitchen wares maintenance:
General kitchen wares are used the plating treatment, we can use a wet cloth to do the daily maintenance. If the stainless steel product rust, you can use stainless steel maintenance liquid to make some wipe,it will be bright as a new one.There is one thing which is worth to mention:if the material of your kitchen wares is made of 6063 aerospace aluminium,you will never trouble by the rust problem.As the leading brand of aluminum kitchen and bathroom wares, Cobbe's space aluminum products have been verified for time, it will never rust and never fade even it is used for a long time.