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Outdoor Expand Activities

Time:2018.03.29 Click:266

Our company hold outdoor staff expand activities every year, we believe that it also has a comfortable interior space to meet the life and work, but also need to have good outdoor environment, expanding space, communication and nature.

We believe that the expansion of the training program is a personal challenge activities, a self-motivated individual to improve the individual's ability to adapt, positive thinking and confidence in the patient, but also exercise problem-solving, the ability to make decisions ability of the individual.

When everyone accepts the individual mandate, he must face the full range of personal challenges. We believe that it is a challenge for the individual event, capable of self-motivated individuals could enhance the individual's ability to adapt, positive thinking and confidence patience, but also to exercise the ability to solve problems and make individual decisions. When everyone to accept personal tasks, he must face the full range of personal challenges.

For the team expanding training programs can promote interaction between group members, cohesion, together with a team as a whole to meet the challenges to face. The team needs to improve the support and trust, interpersonal relationships to overcome certain difficulties, such activities very effective.

The process of carrying out their activities in a series of related or unrelated events, there are many obstacles, each one should explain what you've done to make the Panel gradually approaching the ultimate goal. The staff of outdoor activities both enrich their spare time, but also to achieve the temper will, self-transcend, melting team, collaborative innovation, rely on trust in each other in training, collaboration and support, time and time again to challenge themselves, overcome difficulties deepened understanding of teamwork, trust experience to the work, the importance of collaboration and expressed to expand this revelation received training activities applied to the work.

Through this event, we understand the perfect team building needs everyone's effort. there are no strong individuals, but only a strong team.

Team Travel
We came to the Ou River barge train cultural district to feel the ancient history of barge train, now we are in such a technologically advanced and convenient transportation era. We will feel the ancient transportation inconvenient, especially as the Ou River area, almost isolated. This is actually a misconception. Ancient people transportation and communication, in fact, not as closed as we now imagine. And where we are living, it is the exploration and construction from the ancient people. Although this process is very slow.

Knowing all of this , we are able to understand the interaction between Ou River barge train to world civilization.

Through the team travel ,what we feel is the very intimate friendship between colleagues.We go all the way to laughter, intimacy, caring take care of each other, through this trip, we understand each other more, our friendship was sublimated again.

Although the team activity is over, but the importance of teamwork and unity was deep imprint in our heart, I know that in the future work or life, unity, cooperation will be necessary to factor in our progress or success. Today's experience and feelings of my life will benefit.

After two days of travel, contact with nature, ease the pressure on our work,, we learned a lot, enjoyed it, also felt that returning to a free and relaxed mood. After relaxing, we can work hard to uphold the kind and solidarity into work.