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Kitchen bathroom storage rack, let your bedroom space beautiful!

Time:2018.03.29 Click:2308

Bathroom as the birthplace of the wash, a lot of daily things will be used, also easy to cause the bathroom messy, more serious is that the operating space is getting smaller!So as the housewives,what should we do?Here we recommend several special  bathroom storage racks, reasonable use bottles,let your bathroom have great use of space!

Bathroom storage rack, back sucker can suck the wall, to prevent the collapse of storage rack,and there is a hook on the side, can hang a bath ball and other small items, the top is the large storage area, you can put a lot of children's toys, debris.Powerful storage function, clean up your bathroom in order.

The dirty clothes basket, basket: you can put off the clothes after shower.Lower basket:Can be placed clothes which is in need of cleaning or drying.A multi-purpose, free combination of installation; multi - layer design, small size, big use.

The original resin material, pure color feel smooth.At the bottom,bathroom storage has the design ventilation, water can keep dry, and do not breed bacteria.Three layer storage, placing bathroom items commonly used, very convenient to use.

Gap storage rack, can be stored in the refrigerator gap, the use of high-quality PP material, non-toxic and no smell,storage layer has front and back two position block.Can effectively protect the contents, prevent the side slide.Smooth and stable  about the before roller and after roller, roller quality assurance, when the car moves smooth, no friction, extremely easy to push and pull!