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How To Replace A Kitchen Faucet?

Time:2018.03.29 Click:344

Cobbe as one of the biggest sanitary wares manufacturer in Wenzhou. For more than 10 years Cobbe always focus on provide all the customers a cleaning and tidy home life, We hope that we can not only provide customers with excellent cheap kitchen faucet, but also hope that our customers can use or replace our products effortlessly.

Here, we provide a process to replace the kitchen faucet, hoping it is helpful for you.

Firstly, we need to disassemble the kitchen faucet. Here Cobbe provides four steps for your reference.
1. Close the main valve.
2. Find the faucet pipe connection, and then pinch the metal pipe above the water pipe, forced to rotate around a few times. Then the water pipe was removed.
3. Hold the faucet by hand, turn around a few times, twist the faucet, and then remove the plastic below the faucet. Then the whole faucet was removed.

Secondly, we have some attentions to you before the China Cobbe kitchen faucet installation.
1.Please check all the accessories of Cobbe kitchen faucet, the whole accessories need be complete.
2.Please clear all the impurities to avoid block the Cobbe kitchen faucets.
3.Please check the hot hose and cold hose, which place is right.
4.The instruction manual using the typical faucet installation methods as reference, so the kitchen faucet show in this guide may differ from your actual product. But the installation steps still apply.
5.Any other problems, please feel free to contact us.

Thirdly, we can install a new kitchen faucet. And the installation of kitchen faucet has five steps.
1.Please put one hose to joint the faucet from the bottom of sink.
2.Please put another hose joint the faucet from the bottom of sink and assemble the O ring.
3.Please put up the sink 30cm height and tighten up the hoses.
4.Please tighten up the copper pipe.
5.Please put up the button nut and tighten the button nut.

Lastly, Congratulations, the installation of China Cobbe kitchen faucet is done!