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How to make full use of the bathroom corner space?

Time:2018.03.29 Click:2489

Still despise your own bathroom is too small,hard to turn your body when you are bath and laundry.Still feel too many things in the bathroom, a lot of things piled together can not find?Dislike your own bathroom so much, the bathroom will be sad.In fact, your bathroom is not small, but you do not have a reasonable use of the bathroom space, so result in the bathroom is too small illusion.

People who really know live, know how to make their own space to be fully utilized. Except the accumulation on the ground, in fact, the bathroom walls, corners, and even the ceiling space, can be fully utilized.

Let's take a look at the lives ,and see how they sort out their own bathroom.
Tumbler holder
Tumbler holder, with tank installation design, backplane can be pasted and fixed, can also be fixed screw holes.Compact shape, can be folded toothbrush, toothpaste, face cream, cups and other toiletries.Storage rack platform can also placed small objects.Whether it is cosmetic or other can easily placed.

Bathroom Shelves

Aviation aluminum materials, precision oxidation process technology to ensure that products will not rust,Widening thickening,the small objects do not fall off.Hollow rack design, ventilation filter water, to prevent water bacteria,placed in the bathroom is very suitable.your wash basin space is vacated.

Hair dryer rack
Electrical appliances should be careful not to water, to prevent electric shock.Suction cup air blower rack,suction cups designed to facilitate the installation, so that the hair dryer has a fixed installation position, the collection is neat and beautiful, super magic sucker, suitable for the use of most wall.

Mobile rack
Can be used for bathroom cracks,Super loading ,and really higher bearing.It is the most convenient shelf has wheels, 360 rotating and weighing more, whether heavy objects placed above all can be rotated freely!If there is a child in the family, when holding the child on bath this is particularly convenient, put toiletries, simple and quick, home furnishing necessary.

Combined rack
Place the toothbrush Wash Cup hob, can also be placed a towel, rotatable design is unique, and also can avoid the frame space,360 degree rotation, more three-dimensional sense, the use is more convenient. Metal materials also appear more atmosphere.Exquisite minimalist design, more aesthetic.

Creative digital storage box
A sucker rack creative sense, creative design of strong no suction, Creative 9 words is a new bright spot at home.You can put the soap, the following can be hung towels, hand ornaments. The above can also be placed in the basin. Bearing the lifting of heavy objects, the impact of water, everywhere can be placed.Save space and effort. Simple and easy.

Bathroom tripod
The corner is always a small corner, everyone ignores the fact that it is possible to use it up. This bathroom tripod will easily placed skin care products, dental supplies on top, Guardrail can protect the goods to prevent falling, the bottom of the solid double hook designed to facilitate the suspension of daily necessities, simple atmosphere, so that the effect of doubling the bathroom space.

Wall mounted tumbler holder
Light color is very comfortable, a family of three in a row of brush cup hanging saves space on the wash basin, and also clean,wash water will not splash into the cup.Design of hanging,simple atmosphere, at any time to take cup is very convenient.