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How to clean brass bathroom fittings?

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There are many hardware bathroom fittings in the Bathroom,these fittings help us well accommodated bathroom supplies.At same time,if we match these bathroom fittings well to the decoration style of the bathroom. It will allow us to enjoy the bathroom life more. As one of the largest China bathroom fittings manufacturer. Cobbe's product include almost the product that you may need in bathroom. The material of these bathroom fitting include aluminium, zinc, stainless steel and brass. But to keep these bathroom fittings bright as new, we should offen do some maintenance and cleaning work.Although these hardware bathroom fittings have rust-proof function,but if really soaked in the water, its actual role will still be affected, Even if not rust, but also easily lead to oxidation and other adverse reactions, will also affect the appearance to a great extent.

When at bathroom, we will use some bathing bath products, such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and so on.Some sanitary ware accessories such as faucets, showers, will be often stained with these toiletries. The composition of these bath products, will cause some reaction with the chrome surface.Time goes by, the surface will become tarnished.
Since Cobbe has more than 10 years experience in this market, we can provide you Cheap bathroom fittings, and also the bathroom accessories maintenance and cleaning methods.

Today we'll show you how to clean brass bathroom fittings!
For cleaning of brass bathroom fittings:
In China, we usually apply a neutral detergent on a soft cotton cloth, and then gently wipe the faucet. Do not"torture" the faucet with an acidic detergent or a grinding wire.
For the stubborn dirt, stains and other surface dirt which is difficult to remove, Please clean by using a mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or the fluid which is without the abrasive action of the polishing.
And then use the water to clean the hardware pendant to remove all the cleaning agent, and wipe dry with a soft cotton.After these methods,you will re - have a new bathroom fittings!
Cobbe's friendly tips:
Please remember that after each cleaning, you must immediately clear all the cleanser with water and wipe the bathroom fittings with a special care cloth (or other 100% cotton),Otherwise there might be dirt stains on bathroom fitting surface.

We should cultivate the habit of regularly open windows,this will not only keep the bathroom air flow, but also contribute to the family's health.